Saturday, July 11, 2020

Shenmue Selected by IGN Japan as All-Time Best SEGA Game

Shenmue Selected As IGN Japan's All-Time Best SEGA Game

To celebrate the year of SEGA's 60th anniversary, IGN Japan counted down their all-time top 10 SEGA games.

And ranking in at first place is Shenmue - specifically, the first game in the series!

IGN Japan's Esra Krabbe commented on the magic of Shenmue as follows (translation):
"Shenmue undeniably had a tremendous influence on the games that followed it, although now of course there are many games that - on the surface, at least - far surpass it. However, this is not a title that can be simply dismissed as "old". Its design, which focuses on density over area size and reality over entertainment, creates a real, believable world that amazes even now. Shenmue follows real-world rules to an extent that some might find tedious, and with some of its highlights being details that can easily go unnoticed, it can be hard to understand what makes it so special. The premise of a young Japanese man traveling to China creates a unique setting. The story, which deals with concepts such as cultural values and communication across cultures and depicts a journey of finding one’s roots, forms something so powerful it can be life-changing, especially if you play it in your formative years".

IGN Japan's All-Time Top 10 SEGA Games 

  1. Shenmue
  2. Yakuza 0
  3. Virtua Fighter 4
  4. Nights into Dreams
  5. Sonic Adventure
  6. Valkyria Chronicles
  7. Jet Set Radio
  8. Sakura Wars 4
  9. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA
  10. Out Run
Notes on the selection:
  • Eligibility: any game ever developed or published by SEGA, regardless of platform.
  • Factors considered included historical impact, innovation and quality.
  • In the case of a game series, only one title from the series could be selected.
  • Titles by Atlus, a subsidiary of SEGA, were excluded.
Source: IGN Japan article (Japanese)
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