Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cédric Biscay: No "big update" on Shenmue III for the near future

An eager fan has tweeted Cédric Biscay to ask whether any new Shenmue III pictures are on their way.

From Cédric's reply, there are no major updates currently planned for the next few months by way of new pictures or videos:
Cedric's at MAGIC Monaco
in 2015
My first reaction to the question is that while it's true that the last "polished" Shenmue III presentation may have been quite a while ago being back in February, let's not forget the development progress and even some glimpses of in-progress scenes that have been shared with us each month in the Kickstarter updates and videos. I'm quite happy with these without a new trailer being released.

So I hope that the team takes such questions in the way that I'm sure they are intended i.e. enthusiastic anticipation - rather than as dissatisfaction towards a lack of a new update. Although this is the first Kickstarter I've backed myself, I would say that they are doing a great job of keeping backers fed with new tidbits of information, without giving too much away before the right time.

But should Cédric's mention of "December" in his reply raise hopes at the possibility of new material to be shared around that timeframe? Possibly!
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