Friday, September 9, 2016

Sega TGS 2016 Merchandise: the Ryo Marshmallow

Sega's page for their 2016 Tokyo Game Show merchandise is now live! The big question is whether there is any more Shenmue-related merchandise to be revealed there.

Sega merchandise home page button
The merchandise button has now been activated
on the Sega page!
Let's take a look.

A quick initial scan shows that the capsule toy badges (previous post) are not listed on the page. That probably indicates that they will only be available on-site at the event itself and not through the online store, which was also the case last year.

There are several T-shirts for sale this year for various games including Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza), Shin Megami Tensei IV, Hatsune Miku and Sonic. The "Sega hardware" section also contains a few T-shirts. Prices seem to have gone up 300 yen compared to last year's TGS...

Sega merchandise - T-shirts
Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast themed T-shirts (2800 yen).
Or how about a Dreamcast bag - actual console size (3500 yen).
Sega merchandise - pillow covers
Oh, and also these...
"Shining Heroines" body pillow covers, 10,000 yen

Somewhat disappointingly there is no Shenmue T-shirt to be found among this year's line-up.

However there is something Shenmue-related instead.

Presenting... the Ryo marshmallow. 

Sega Masterpieces Marshmallows
A packet of 6 marshmallows, 800 yen

Ryo marshmallow

Ryo looks a little self-conscious
as a marshmallow
It sits inside a packet of six individually-wrapped white marshmallows called the Sega Masterpieces Marshmallows "Brown Package" (to distinguish it from a second "White Package" set with different illustrations) and is priced at a fairly hefty 800 yen.

It's certainly better than nothing, but I'm left with the feeling that it would also have been nice to see something a little more permanent like a new Shenmue themed T-shirt or bag from Sega.

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