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Meet Yu Suzuki at Gamescom 2017 | Kickstarter Update #72 [1/3]

Meet & Greet schedule

Kickstarter Update #72

We are now heading into the last few days before the Gamescom event in Cologne (Aug 22~26, general admission from the 23rd) in which Shenmue III will be participating, and a new Kickstarter update has just been released that has set social media and fan sites buzzing.

The new update, Kickstarter Update #72, covers three main news items:
  • Confirmation of the schedule for Yu Suzuki's "meet & greet" sessions with fans during the event;
  • Announcement of a new global publishing partner; and
  • New art from the game revealed!
In this post we'll take a look at the first, with the other topics to follow in separate posts.

Gamescom Meet & Greet with Yu Suzuki

In a previous update (see our earlier post "What We Know So Far") , YS Net indicated that they would be arranging some sessions in the general-admission area to give fans the chance to meet Yu Suzuki at the event.

The schedule for these "Meet & Greet" sessions has now been confirmed as follows:
A total of two sessions to be held in the general-admission section in Hall 9.1 Stand B011/C010, on the following days and times:
  • Wednesday evening 18:30-19:30
  • Thursday noon 12:30-13:30
* It is noted that the times may vary slightly from those given, depending on Yu's schedule.
A search of the exhibitor map on the Gamescom website gives some revealing information about the booth location, B011/C010, which will be shared by a few game companies.

The main exhibitor at this booth is Deep Silver - this makes sense, given its newly-formed relationship with YS Net (the next post will cover this in more detail).

However I was caught by surprise to discover that the booth will also be shared with a certain company - technically, companies - with very close ties to the Shenmue franchise: Sega and Sega Europe.
The companies at booth B-011/C010.
Sega Europe has recently been on record to confirm that they are "actively pursuing" HD remasters of the first Shenmue games. Could their presence in the same booth indicate we may be in for a more concrete announcement relating to these at the event? We will know for sure next week.

Banner for Yu from the Community

For those lucky enough to be attending the event, be sure to add your signature onto the Shenmue community banner, to be presented to Yu Suzuki at the Thursday meet-and-greet session. As you can see from the preview photo (shared by the banner's creator and organizer, Chao Yu), it looks fantastic:

The motivational banner, ready for being transported to Cologne.
The motivational banner, ready for being transported to Gamescom 2017.
The banner will be available for signing from the Wednesday. This thread on the Shenmue 500K site has the current information.

Hopefully it may make an appearance in the background of one of the future Kickstarter Update video reports!

Shenmue III at Gamescom: Exclusive Blog Reports To Come!

We also have some exciting news for this blog. We have lined up some special guest features on Shenmue III at Gamescom, including an opinion piece on the content of any Shenmue announcements as well as reports & photos from actual attendees. Keep an eye on the blog, as you won't want to miss them!

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